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What a Hell of a State We're in

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What a Hell of a State We're in

Big Time Catch Up 2020

It Has Been a While, Hasn’t it?

No 2020 East­er Egg

Like every­one else, the COV­ID 19 lock­down and oth­er meas­ures impacted what we did and how we did it in 2020. They still do, of course.

Not­with­stand­ing being cooped up at home more than usu­al, I couldn’t bring myself to write up our 2019 hap­pen­ings and post it out at East­er in 2020. They seemed trivi­al and irrel­ev­ant, midst the worry and stress. As time passed though our views shif­ted. We were glad to get news from friends and col­leagues and they from us. More than twelve months on here are some of the things we got up to in 2019. Some of them flowed on into 2020 and a sig­ni­fic­ant change for us.

All Over the Place in ’19

In 2019 we didn’t make a Fall trip to Maine as was our cus­tom. Instead:

  • I met up with my daugh­ters and their fam­il­ies for a week in Blair­gowrie, Perth­shire, in July. Kar­en formed the rear party, took a week off work, and looked after the dogs back in NOVA.
  • I returned the favour when Kar­en flew halfway around the world to vis­it her sis­ter in New Zea­l­and in Janu­ary 2020.

We did get away togeth­er, though, for a Low Coun­try Christ­mas and New Year with all the dogs.

We also spent a week away on Lookout Moun­tain near Chat­tanooga and a long week­end in Dav­is, West Vir­gin­ia.

On the work front, Kar­en man­aged to:

  • Spend a week in Las Vegas at the annu­al Amazon Web Ser­vices event again.
  • Go to Cyprus too, for a week in June. Some­body had to do it!

She didn’t get to go to Japan in April ’20. Wuhan stopped that 

No Place in ’20

We coped with the COV­ID 19 restric­tions like many oth­ers. I worked from home, as usu­al. Kar­en worked altern­ate weeks at home and then at her work­place. We walked our dogs every day but had to adapt to the increased num­ber of walk­ers on the trails we use. Vir­gin­ia kept its parks open but closed the car park, which was pretty point­less. We coped, though. We sharpened our on-line shop­ping skills too.

Then, some­thing, mostly unex­pec­ted, came along and changed things.