Happy New Year 2016

  Charleston and Isle of Palms, SC

We spent Christ­mas and New Year in Isle of Palms. It’s a City on the bar­ri­er island of the same name on the north-east­ern flank of Char­le­ston Bay. Warm­er winter days and even­ings caused a thick mist to hang around much of the time on the coast and we had to flip the HVAC switch from “Heat” to “Cool” to com­bat the mugginess.

The beach is lovely and, best of all, in the winter open to dogs off leash from 16:00 to 10:00 the next day. We enjoyed being able to exer­cise our three a stones throw from the house we had ren­ted. It was good to be able to explore Char­le­ston more than we had been able to do on pre­vi­ous short­er vis­its — so much his­tory and one of the best culin­ary scenes in the country.

We were sad to leave and head home. Heavy hol­i­day traffic slowed us down and the jour­ney took longer than it should.

Days after our return we were hit by a bliz­zard which dropped two and a half feet of snow on us over two days. It took 24 hours or so after the storm moved on for the snow to be cleared from our court to enable us to get our vehicles out. We were more for­tu­nate than many in NOVA, DC and neigh­bor­ing Mary­land who remained blocked in for sev­er­al more days until the snowplows reached them.