Holidays in Maine

We like being in Maine very much, quite the most sens­ible dog laws in the coun­try and won­der­ful walks. It takes us a day to drive up there from where we live and requires find­ing a good way through New York which lies astride most sens­ible routes.

In many places, private landown­ers allow pub­lic access to walk­ing trails on their prop­erty and turn their man­age­ment over to a Trust. The Booth­bay Region Land Trust is par­tic­u­larly well organ­ised and man­aged and has over 30 miles of walk­ing and hik­ing trails through some stun­ning land­scapes. We have enjoyed many hours on them with our Viz­slas. We do like being able to exer­cise the dogs off-leash leg­ally. We have them trained to come in quickly to be leashed up when we, or more often they, see someone approach­ing on the trail. They respond to voice com­mands and more sharply to a whistle (Acme Thun­der­er type) blast.

These images come from two trips there, the first to Booth­bay and the second a little farther East to Rack­liffe Island (not too far from Rock­land and Rockport).

Wouldn’t neces­sar­ily like to spend a winter that far north these days though.