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What a Hell of a State We're in

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What a Hell of a State We're in

New Year Greetings - 2015

Mostly about our dogs and hol­i­days in 2014

  Bath, ME and Fripp Island, SC

A New Year’s greet­ing to you.

2014 sped by quickly for us and I worry that’s because we wish our lives away. Through­out the sum­mer, we longed to get away from the heat and humid­ity here in N Vir­gin­ia to the earli­er Fall in Maine. Just a few months later, we couldn’t wait to escape the wet and cold of the winter here by decant­ing to South Car­o­lina for Christ­mas and New Year.

Back in the Maine stream

So we set out just after Labor Day for two weeks near Bath in Maine. We had ren­ted a lovely house with Mer­ry­meet­ing Bay out front and, out back, a nature pre­serve with good trails to walk the dogs. The weath­er was cool and some­times wet but there was ample oppor­tun­ity to sit out­side in the sun and for the dogs to swim and play in the bay. Down­town Bath was a few minutes away by car. We found it to be delight­ful, good res­taur­ants and folks with a nat­ur­ally friendly and pleas­ant way about them. Hard to tell at first glance that they build war­ships for the US Navy there, but they do. Lob­sters from the Maine waters are renowned the world over but the oth­er crus­ta­ceans and fish are first rate too. It seemed to me that folks who live there are more inclined to the less expens­ive and equally deli­cious crab rolls in pref­er­ence to the sig­na­ture lob­ster rolls.

No place finer than Carolina

Fripp Island in South Carolina’s Low Coun­try is a gated com­munity and while it does have some lucky per­man­ent res­id­ents, it is a sum­mer golf and beach resort. For us then, it’s a won­der­ful place with a milder winter cli­mate to spend Christ­mas and New Year; hardly any­one one there and a huge near-empty beach to exer­cise the dogs. This year we were joined there for a couple of days after Christ­mas by my two broth­ers and their wives. One lives nearby in N Vir­gin­ia but the oth­er joined us from a trip from Aus­tralia, so a rare occasion.

Dogs and jobs

In the spring, we said a heart break­ing good­bye to Angus, our 11 year old Viszla. He had the gentlest and most lov­ing nature. He had been unwell for some months but was in good heart and had a wag of his tail for every­one right up to the end.

In May, a call from the blue by a breed­er set us up with a beau­ti­ful puppy. Kar­en picked out Brod­ie’ as name for him and his Amer­ic­an Ken­nel Club name became Jak’s Dea­con Brod­ie”. He was quick to learn and we were able to take him along with the oth­er Viz­slas on both trips with us.

Karen’s job took her on more travel than before. The high­lights, a week at the Hag­ue in the Neth­er­lands and anoth­er in Hon­olulu for work AND her sister’s wed­ding. As usu­al, I stayed behind to look after the dogs. Whilst I could per­haps have gone along too some­times, ken­nel­ing three Viz­slas is hugely expens­ive even for short stays and they don’t it like much. Longer and per­haps fur­ther flung trips are likely for her in 2015. Just watch the air miles rack up.